Prayer For Holiday Party

Lord, at this festive holiday time, we pray that You would be with us in all that we do and all that we plan. And today, we particularly want to ask You to bless the holiday party that we are organising, and all the guests that we have invited to share in this special time of celebration.
We ask that You would undertake for all the preparations and plans that we are making for the food and entertainment, and we ask that You would be pleased to bless this little gathering of friends and family who will be joining together for this special holiday party.
Give travelling mercies we pray, for those that are coming from a distance, and we ask that You would grant the warmth of Your love to shine in to the hearts and lives of all that attend.
Grace us we pray with You presence at our holiday function, and may the sunshine of Your love shine into the hearts of all who are coming. May this party be a time when we honour Your name in our actions, attitudes and behaviours. Prevent any discord we pray, and may we be united together in love and fellowship to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name we pray,