Prayer For Help To Live With A Difficult Husband

Oh dear Father, I come to You weary and worn with little hope of things ever getting better. My marriage, which started out so well has become a nightmare and I don’t know what to do. Whatever I try to do to please my husband seems never to be right, and I find at times I am in the depths of despair and discouragement.

But Lord, I made my marriage vows before You and promised to love and to cherish until we were parted in death. In my heart there is nothing I long for more than that my marriage would work and that my husband and I were united in love.

Nothing is impossible to You Lord, and so I ask that You help me in this difficult marriage. Teach me Lord to become the wife I always wanted to be. Change me Lord I pray, into the woman that You would have me be, and break down the invisible barrier of mistrust that seems to divide us. Help me to love my husband again Lord, with the love that flows from You and bless our marriage I pray. In Jesus' name,