Prayer For Help In Times Of Despair

O Lord God, I feel weak and weary, helpless and hopeless. Darkness seems to have invaded my very being. Lord God, at times I just want to give up in despair, as a black depression slowly descends on me and there seems little that I can do to stop it.

And yet I know that this is not Your will for my life, for You came from heaven to give us light and hope and You have said that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Be my strength I pray in my weakness. Be my light in my darkness. Be my hope in this deep depression and be that perfect love that casts out the fear and pain that I have in my heart, which so often tries to put its icy fingers around my throat. Give me a sense of Your presence and Your closeness, and pour into my heart that peace You promised to all Your children, that passes understanding, I pray. 

Lord God, I cry to You at this time of depression in my life, for in my heart I know that You alone are my only hope. Lift me Lord from this crippling depression, and draw me back into close fellowship with Yourself. I truly believe that when my mind is thinking about You, that depression has little opportunity to invade my peace. Help me to keep my mind on You and Your many precious promises. In Jesus' name I pray,