Prayer For Guidance In Choosing My Vocation

Loving Heavenly Father, thank You for bringing me to this point in my life and for always being there for me, even during those periods of my life when I have neglected You or ignored You or not paid attention to You as I ought. Forgive me my negligence and please listen and respond to my prayer. 

Lord, I have come to the point in my life when I need to make the important decision on what vocation to follow. Please give me guidance and wisdom as I seek to discover the path that would be the best for me to follow.

Lord, I don’t know which way to go or which path to follow, but I pray that in Your grace You would open up the door through which I should go. I am trusting my life into Your hands and pray that whatever vocation I finally follow, that You will be with me to lead and to guide. In Jesus' name I pray,