Prayer For Grace Through A Difficult Pregnancy

Oh Father God, You know the ongoing difficulties that I have had with my pregnancy - not only the morning sickness but the other ailments that seem to have shadowed this pregnancy from the moment that I conceived.

Lord I know that there are lot of pain and problems that are connected with the joy of having a baby, and I don’t want it to appear that all I am doing is to complain of feeling ill – when my heart is rejoicing that I am carrying this precious little life within me.

I ask that Father, that You would prevent me from having any more complications and illnesses as the time passes and give me the grace and strength I pray, to carry this baby to full term - with a spirit of joy and thanksgiving.

Oh Father God the joy of my Lord is indeed my strength and I claim this wonderful promise today – praying that You will support and strengthen me until that wonderful day when I hold my little baby in my arms.. Thank You Father,