Prayer For Grace In A Difficult Relationship

Loving Father, thank You that day by day we are being conformed into the likeness of the Lord Jesus and for the work that You have promised to do in each of our lives.

Lord, You know the increasing difficulties that I am having with this particular relationship – You know my weaknesses and my failings and You know only too well that I find it more and more difficult to be civil when we are in each others company – but Lord I know that this inner turmoil that I have is not Your will for me. I know that Your desire is that the grace and love of the Lord Jesus flows out from me to others – not only to those that are easy to get along with but especially to those that are the most difficult.

Help me to rest in You and to hand over this difficulty to You – for You have told us to cast everything that troubles me onto You… and teach me Lord to respond in a way that You would desire.

Change me Lord . Change my whole attitude and change my heart so that it is Your grace that streams out from me rather than my own negativity. Lord I know that without You I cannot change nor can I be the person You would have me to be - but as I remain in Christ and abide in You – and as I take every negative thought captive and give it to You in prayer – I pray that Your great grace would be formed in me, in Jesus name I ask this prayer…