Prayer For Forgiveness After Adultery

Lord Jesus, I have sinned before You and committed adultery. Forgive me Lord for winking at my own sin while I was gratifying my fleshly lusts. I repent of my wrong actions and foolish choices and confess that I have sinned against You.. and have caused deep distress, not only to my spouse but to the wider family as well.

Help me Lord to live a life from this day on that is pleasing to You, for I choose to turn from my fleshly lusts and sexual sin, which has caused so much grief and pain. I pray that with Your help and strength, I may learn to walk in righteousness and purity from this day on.. and in a manner that is pleasing to You.

I pray that not only my actions but the thoughts of my mind may be cleansed and made pure. Help my inner heart to be purified of all lustful imaginings, which could cause me to be led astray.. and may I learn to bring into captivity every thought, in obedience of Christ.

For all the pain that I have caused to others, and especially to my spouse, I pray that You would heal the hurt and lessen the pain I’ve caused, so that in Your grace we may mend the rift that has come between us and draw closer to each other and to You. This I ask in Jesus name,