Prayer For Financial Despair

Oh Lord I feel pretty desperate over my deteriorating finances. I know that I have been careless with my money and unwise in some areas, but I have got to the point where I don’t know what to do or  which way to turn, and the future looks incredibly bleak.

Please Lord help me to get through this difficult financial crises in my life.  I feel my situation is utterly hopeless. Help me to turn my life around and give me a fresh start I pray. God, my only hope is You and although I know that I do not deserve Your help, I ask that in the name of Jesus that You would hear my plea for help.. and guide me through this desperate time in my life.

I have been wrong to try to live my life relying on my own ability and cleverness and I confess that I have not trusted You as I ought and have followed the path that I thought best for me. Forgive me for my rebelliousness towards You and bring me through this feeling of despair and desperation I pray.  Set my feet on the secure Foundation - and I will praise You for You  are a faithful God. Thank You Lord