Prayer For Divine Vision

Heavenly Father, I feel that my life is needing Your direction more and more. I need a divine ‘vision’ of You, a godly understanding of You and a deeper relationship with You. Lord, I want to know You more and love You better.
At times I feel that my Christian life has just been scratching the surface of Who You are and I long to be like Job, who said, “I have heard about You with my ears, but now I see You with my eyes.” He saw You with his spiritual eyes of understanding, and Lord, I desire to have that intimate vision of You too, although I shrink back from having to go through the difficulties and trials that Job had to experience.
Give me that inner vision of Yourself I pray. Your character, Your Person, Your love, and draw me ever closer to Yourself, so that I too may say, “my ears have heard all about You but now I have a vision of Who You truly are.” This I ask in Jesus' name,