Prayer For Deliverance From A Worldly Mindset

Dear Heavenly Father, You know that I trusted in the Lord Jesus many years ago and the joy and love and excitement that I felt in those days has gradually leaked away. I feel so far away from You, estranged from the God who created me and the Saviour Who died on the cross to pay the price for my sins.

Lord, it is as if I have been covered with a worldly and fleshly shroud that has caused me to wander so far away from You, that I have become more like the world than many that are in the world. Forgive me Lord, for wandering so far from You. Forgive me for being pulled so far away from You and back into the ways of the world. Forgive me for my worldly ways and my fleshly desires. Forgive me for leaving my first Love, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Deliver me I pray, from the life into which I have now become so embroiled and return to me the joy of my Salvation. Deliver me from this fleshly mindset that has swamped the heart of Christ, from Whom I gained such joy and peace. Lord, I kneel before You broken-hearted and truly sorry for all my sins and rebellious ways. I want to turn away from all these fleshly lusts and look to Jesus, Whom I know is the only secure Deliverer from all that I have become so embroiled in. Thank You, that even though I have proved so faithless You have remained Faithful and True. Cleanse me and wash me and renew a right spirit within me, and may I sing to Your praise and glory until my life’s end. In Jesus' name I pray,