Prayer For Conquering Loneliness

Loving Lord, I feel so lonely at times.. and so very alone though I am often surrounded by crowds of people.. but I also realise that the more I concentrate on my loneliness – the more alone I feel sorry for my condition and become depressed and down – and I also know that this is not the way that You created us to be
Lord I ask You to show me how to conquer this loneliness. Help me not only to cope with loneliness but to conquer it. I know that You have said that You are with us all the time and that You have promised never to leave us nor forsake me - and I believe Your word is true.
Help me to rise above all the negative feelings that loneliness brings.. and all the negative elements that come with it and I pray that I may be enabled to embrace it in such a way that my life honours You and becomes an encouragement to others who may be facing similar lonely feelings – in Jesus name I pray,