Prayer For Christian Youth Ministries

Thank You, Lord, for Christian youth ministries that are being used to share the gospel of Jesus with a range of young people. I pray that You would draw each one closer to Yourself as they meet together for fellowhip, fun and to learn more about You.

Lord, I pray that You would use such youth ministries to strengthen and encourage all those that have been born again, so that they may grow spiritually. And Lord, for those youngsters who do not yet know You, I pray that you would convict each one of their need of a Saviour, so that they may come to faith through the Word of God and the witness of these youth fellowships and ministries.

Protect them from the wiles of the enemy, who would seek to undermine their trust in You, but rather equip each one to look to Jesus rather than to the things of the world. May they grow in grace and become an effective witness to friends and family, not only in what they say but in the godly way that they behave. In Jesus’ name,