Prayer For Beginning A New School

Dear Lord Jesus, we are moving to a different place and I am going to have to start at a new school and leave all my friends and the familiar places that I liked. I don’t really want to move and feel a bit uneasy about having to make a completely new start in completely different surroundings. Lord, please take away this feeling of insecurity and fear, and I pray that You will be with me as I start this new school.

Help me to fit in and make some good friends, and help me as I adjust to the new surroundings and different teachers and styles of teaching. Lord, I pray that You will bring some good Christian friends into my life that are supportive and encouraging. And help me I pray, to be able to deal with all the new course work that I have to deal with May I work hard and settle in quickly and easily.

Thank You, that You have promised to be with me no matter where we go. Help me to place my trust in You completely and trust You in all things, for in You I have my trust. In Jesus' name I pray,