Prayer For An Unwavering Hope

Father God, in a world that is ever changing and in a society that has all but rejected the truth of Your Word, I thank You that You are our never-changing Saviour, Who knows the end from the beginning and has the universe in the palm of His hand. Develop in me an unwavering trust in the hope that is set before me, knowing that in Christ I have already received Your gift of eternal life, by grace through faith in Christ Jesus my Lord.

May I learn more and more of Your divine character and perfect attributes, for the more I know You the more I trust You, and the more I trust You the more I come to love You. Develop in me an unwavering hope in Your promises, knowing that despite the evil and wickedness that seems to be suffocating all that is good and pure, Your plans and purposes for mankind will one day be brought to fruition. On that day, Christ will be all in all, and the whole world will be brought into submission under His feet as He rules and reigns on earth as King of kings and Lord of lords. May I hope in Him unswervingly and live my life to His praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,