Prayer For An Abiding Joy

Heavenly Father, what a comfort to read of the prophets of old who despite the difficulties and dangers that they were called upon to face, were able to rejoice in the Lord and trust in Your never-failing faithfulness.
We pray that like them we too may receive Your abiding joy and discover like them… that the joy of the Lord is our strength and that the peace that comes from You is an abiding peace that enables us to overcome all difficulties of life - in the power of Your Holy Spirit.
So fill our hearts with Your abiding joy and that we may rejoice in life’s circumstances.. in periods of plenty and during those seasons when we have very little - in times of hardship as well as those times of  great sufficiency.
Thank You that we are Your children and You are our Father and sovereign Lord. May our hearts rejoice in good times and in bad and may Your abiding  joy and perfect peace find residence in our heart - as we rest in Your love and trust in Your unfailing goodness,