Prayer For Alzheimer

Loving Lord, we ask You to hear our prayer for those with Alzheimer’s disease and pray that You would grant them You perfect peace in their heart and a loving and secure environment in which to live, where they can be properly cared for, cherished and looked after in a safe and secure environment - with dignity and human respect 

We pray that those whose minds are in the process of shutting down would not become fearful or disoriented  -  and that those whose memory has already become closed off to their nearest and dearest, would be granted His perfect peace deep within their soul and may the joy of the Lord flood their hearts. 

We ask for Your blessing and grace on all who care for patients or relatives with Alzheimer’s disease, knowing that this sort of degenerative condition can be extremely taxing and frustrating. Give each care-worker and every family member the strength, patience and grace to deal with this type of severe memory loss, in Jesus name we pray,