Prayer For All Newlyweds

Thank You Father God, for marriage. I lift-up to You all those that are married, and especially those that have been recently married, the newly-weds, knowing that marriage is instituted of God, but also knowing that the world at large is at enmity with You and seems to have waged war on the sacred establishment of matrimony and family life.

Give wisdom to all Christian couples and especially those that have recently become newlywed, that they give heed to the truth of Your Word and demonstrate the joy that comes from living a life as unto the Lord.

Help them to trust in You as their God and Saviour and to keep You at the centre of their marriage. Help them to live in humble obedience to Your Word, and may they demonstrate the love of God and the wisdom of His Word to the world at large, in all they say and do.

Help all newlywed Christian couples to establish and maintain the kind of marriage that is pleasing in Your sight, where the husband loves his wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her, and where the wife is gentle and submissive to her husband, the encourager, support and helper as laid out in Scripture. And use them to be a light to others whose marriages may be fraught with difficulties or disintegrating due to sin.

Bless all newlyweds today. May they grow in grace and in a knowledge of Jesus Christ, throughout the course of their marriage to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name,