Prayer For A Wife Betrayed By Adultery

Heavenly Father, we grieve for the pain that adultery causes in the lives of so many and we particularly lift up this precious sister in Christ, whose heart is aching due to her husband’s betrayal and adultery.

Reach out Your righteous right hand in pity and love we pray, and touch her hurting heart with the comfort that only comes from above. We pray that she may know Your steadfast love shining within her heart and feel Your presence with her, every moment of the day - as she has seeks to come to terms with her husband’s disloyalty.

Lord, she is Your dearly loved daughter and her husband has been drawn away from her side, due to the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eye and the pride of life. Bring this man to the foot of the cross in godly repentance; return him to his rightful mind and heal the brokenness that this dear woman feels in this matrimonial betrayal.

Only You can heal her broken-hearted and free her mind from any destructive imaginations that have been triggered.. and may she see that You are not only with her.. to be her comfort and help, but also that You are working towards a restoration and reconciliation between herself and her husband.

Help her to look to You in all things.. and give her the courage to trust this situation into Your hand – and we pray that in Your time and in Your way You would once again restore to them the joy of being united in love, as man and wife.. this we ask in Jesus name,