Prayer For A Retentive Memory

Dear heavenly Father, You know the struggle I am having to remember and retain the things that I have learned in my personal study-time as well as my work situation, and how it is becoming such a worry to me. I just want all cast all these cares and concerns onto You, because I know this is what You have told us to do – and I DO trust You to be there to help me through this difficult and distressing situation – because You have promised.

Lord, I am asking for Your help today. Show me why I am unable to recall to memory things that I have learned and help me also to overcome this memorization problem

Lord, I know that You are able to correct this memory loss – but if there is something that You want to show through it or teach me.. I pray that I will be open to the leading of Your Holy Spirit and that He will show me anything that will help to address inability to remember and retain information. I trust Your word and ask that in Your goodness and grace You will help address this memorization issue speedily – and I will give You all the praise and glory,