Prayer For A New Vision

Thank You heavenly Father that You have put eternity on our hearts and endowed each of us with gifts and creativity, so that our lives may be occupied purposefully and productively - in Your service.
Refresh my soul I pray, and give me a new vision, so that I may live my life in a manner that is worthy of You. Let me glimpse the love and beauty of what You desire from me, and help me to be willing to permit You to search deep into the inner recesses of my heart, so that I may be rid on anything and everything that could hinder the path along which You would have me go.
Give me a vision of the person You want me to be and guide me along the way that You would have me to walk. Align my will do Your will so that the vision that is being nurtured deep in my heart, may reflect Your will and blossom into fruit of righteousness in my life – this I ask in Jesus name,