Prayer For A New Class and School

Loving Lord, I give my child into Your hands today, and every day, as they set off on this new journey of discovery, as they start a new school today.

Father, you know all the little fears and troubles that can flood the mind of a young child in unfamiliar surroundings, and I pray that you would give me the wisdom to prepare my little one beforehand so that they are not faced with any unforeseen events for which they have not been prepared and which could frighten them. Lord, I do ask that You would be close by, for they have been taught from being very young to trust You and to tell you the things that scare or confuse them. Lord, I pray especially during these early days, that they will pass with no problems, but that You would guard their little heart and be an ever present help throughout the whole day.

Lord, I pray for the teachers too, that You would give them an understanding heart and a caring disposition. I pray that they may be quick to identify and deal with any of the little problems that may arise during the day, knowing that they can so quickly become mountains in the mind of a child, unless they are dealt with quickly and quietly.

I pray that as I deliver my child up into the care of another day, that Father You would remain close to us both. I pray that I would know Your peace in my heart, and have that peace and assurance that you will be encamped round about my child every moment of the day. And so Lord, into Your hands I give my child today. In Jesus' name,