Prayer For A Husband Betrayed By Adultery

Heavenly Father, we lift up this dear man to You who has been so devastated by his wife’s betrayal and her adulterous affair. Lord this is a dear brother in Christ who has been heart-broken by his wife’s betrayal, and we pray that You would touch him at his very point of need and fill his heart with Your special comfort and peace – so that he may know that You are His heavenly Comforter, Who can heal his deepest pain - and that You are his ever present Helper, in this time of deep suffering.

We lift up his straying wife to You too.. and pray that You would touch her conscience, soften her heart bring her to the point of true repentance. We pray that she may recognize her sin and ask his forgiveness, (and for Yours Lord, too) and we pray that she may return her to her marriage relationship, with a better understanding of the unique bond between a man and his wife, which is so precious in Your sight and which can never be replaced or duplicated.

We pray that You would work in both their hearts so that they may not only be reconciled back together, but that they may discover a closeness in their marriage that they had not experienced before.  This we ask in Jesus name – to Your praise and glory,