Prayer At Christian School Board Meeting

Loving Heavenly Father, You are our gracious God and we pause before the start of this school board meeting to lift up our hearts to You in prayer and thanksgiving for all Your many mercies to us throughout the past months and years, and to seek Your face as we prepare to make plans for the future of our school

We pray that You will give each one of us here present today, the wisdom to discuss the many important issues fully and to make our decisions wisely. We thank You that You have guarded and guided the development of the school for so long, and confess that today we are facing increasing pressures from outside, to conform in ways that go against so much of what Christianity stands for. Lord, grant us wisdom to move forward in a way that does not discredit Your name.

We lift each member of staff to You and each child as well as every member of the board, and ask You continued blessing over each and every life and that they would seek Your wisdom and guidance, courage and strength in all issues and areas that touch their lives. Keep us ever humble before Your throne and give us the integrity to stand up for what we believe, in Jesus' name.

So into You hands we place this meeting, trusting You to lead and guide our meeting tonight and protect our school in the future, to Your praise and glory. We pray this in Jesus' name,