Parents Prayer For Their Married Daughter

Father it is with great sadness that we come before You, knowing that our precious daughter has decided to divorce her husband. Oh Lord this must grieve Your heart as it does ours and we pray that they both may consider working this through together - to try to reconcile their differences.

Lord we know that things in this world are hard and that marriage is not the bed of roses that the pop songs and romance novel make it out to be – but that a good marriage partnership has to be worked at from both sides, and often for a lifetime - if the result is to be the depth of mutual love that we know is possible, for those that are in Christ.

Prevent them from rushing into divorce too quickly we pray, and give them both the grace and the wisdom to seek You and Your will for their lives – and may they be reconciled with each other – and with You and draw ever closer to the Lord Jesus.

Protect our little grandchildren, we pray and ask that they may not be hurt or emotionally damaged by all that must be going on in the home at the moment - pour out Your love and peace and forgiveness into both their hearts and renew a right relationship between them we pray – in Jesus name,