Parents Prayer For A First Day at School

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You that I can always turn to You, and Father, today it is quite difficult as I am about to leave my little child at a new school for the first time. I think that my reservations far exceed those of my child, and so I pray that You would be with them throughout the day as their caring Shepherd and Lord, be with me so that I may rest in You too.

I pray that they will not get lost in the school corridors, or forget which is their classroom. I pray that they will not lose any of their equipment or feel frightened when they are not sure what to do or where to go. I pray that they will find friends in their class and that You will keep them from worrying if they have not got exactly the same equipment as the other children may have.

I pray that You would give the teacher a gracious attitude towards each child. Give the teacher the wisdom and compassion to notice any one that may be fearful or afraid. Lord, more than anything I pray that You would be with each child throughout the day and that this experience may be a stepping stone in the journey of life, which will be overshadowed and undergirded by you, every step on the way.

Give me courage to let go of my own children and to trust them into Your perfect care. May this be an opportunity for us both to draw ever closer to you with every passing day. In Jesus' name I pray,