Opening Prayer For Prayer Meeting

Thank You, Lord, for bringing us together to join with each other in prayer and praise before Your throne of grace. We praise and thank You for the privilege we have of placing our prayers and petitions, our intercessions and thanksgiving, our request and pleadings before You, and ask that You would lead us and guide us in our prayers.

Lord, we ask that we would not engage in vain repetitions or fleshly pleadings but become so in tune with Your heart that we are both enabled and empowered by Your Holy Spirit, to discover those issues into which You would have us pray about. Lead and guide us we pray, so that we are equipped to plead Your will and to partner with Your eternal purposes and plans through our prayers.

Keep our hearts focused on You and may our praying be guided by Your Spirit so that we truly touch the throne of grace, not because of who we are, but because we approached You humbly and with clean hearts, seeking only to lift Your name and glorify Your person, so that You increase and we decrease, for You alone are worthy. In Jesus' name we pray,