Loneliness After Being Betrayed

Loving Lord, You called those that are lonely and burdened to come to You, rest in You and to put the difficulties, hardships and responsibilities of life onto Your shoulders, for You have promised to gently lead us and to carry us in Your loving arms, and to be with us no matter who else may leave us or hurt us or betray us.

Lord, I feel betrayed and so alone at this time. This betrayal of a dear friend has been like a shadow of death entering my heart. Lord, You know and understand how painful it is when a dear friend that you lived with and loved and trusted betrayed You, and I am in that position now. Comfort me in my sorrow I pray, and be with me throughout this difficult ordeal.

Thank You, Lord, that You are the One that binds up the broken-hearted and nurtures those that are alone and afraid. I know that Your grace is sufficient, even in this deep loneliness that I am facing, but give me the grace to face the future with You at my side. In Jesus' name I pray,