Keep My Desire Towards You

O Holy of holies, Lord my God, incline your ear to the prayer of your poor servant: “Help me, and I shall be saved, and I will meditate always on your justifications.”

Oh that I deserved to be one of the least of your servants, in the kingdom you have prepared for those who are humble and who love you. I love you then, O Lord my strength, with all my heart, as you, yourself, have commanded by your sacred mouth.

You are my hope, and my salvation, and my desire is ever toward you. Keep me from all error by a perfect understanding; from all impurity by a clean heart; from all kind of doubt by a right faith; from all distrust by a steadfast hope; from all disgust and negligence by a burning charity; from all disquietude by great patience; from all unclean thoughts by holy meditation; from the attacks of the devil by continual prayer; from frequent distractions by a sustained attention in reading; from listlessness and drowsiness by useful occupation, and from thinking of satisfying my vices, by the remembrance of your holy passion. Come with all these graces, O Lord, and confirm me in all your holy words,


Thomas A Kempis