Humble Thanks For My Redemption

Thank You, Heavenly Father, that we who trust in Christ as our Saviour have redemption through the blood of Christ Jesus our Lord and the forgiveness of all our sins, in accordance with the riches of Your grace.

Lord, I have fallen so short of Your perfect standard. I know that I have no merit in me and no right-standing of myself. I know that without Christ, I would not be permitted to approach Your throne of grace, but praise God that the blood of Jesus Christ my Saviour, cleanses me and keeps on cleansing me from all my sin. Thank You. Father, that in Christ I am cleansed of all my unrighteousness by grace through faith in Him.

Lord, I so often fall short of Your standard, for I know that Your holy standard it is impossible in my own strength, but I also know that in Christ my sins that were scarlet have been washed white as snow through His cleansing blood. Wash and keep on washing me I pray, just as Peter asked Jesus to wash and keep on washing him, on the night that He was betrayed. Just like Peter I need You Lord, always, for in this sinful body I so often fall prey to the old sin nature that seeks to draw me back to the world and hamper my witness for Jesus.

Lord, I know that I am forever redeemed for which I praise Your holy name, but I now ask that You would help me to fly to You, to confess any sin or wrongdoing so that I may resume sweet fellowship with the Father, for You have promised believers that if we confess our sins You are always faithful to forgive us and cleanse us. I pray that day by day I may be washed with the Word so that I become more and more like Jesus and less and less like the person I used to be. In Jesus' precious name I pray,