Help My Unsaved Husband And Our Children

Dear Lord Jesus, I did not realise the significance of getting married to an unbeliever until we started to have a family. I am so sad that teaching our children about the Creation and Salvation and even the significance of Israel and the falling economy that we are currently hearing about in the news today, is beyond my husbands understanding. But Lord, I desire to bring my children up in the fear of the Lord, and I ache to have my husband involved in teaching them the truths of Scripture.

Lord, I don’t know how, but Lord, I ask that in a wonderful way You would bring my unsaved husband to a saving faith in Jesus, so that together we may bring up our children to know and trust the Lord. Soften my husband’s heart towards the things of God I pray, and I ask that You also protect the hearts and minds of the children from some of the unbiblical views that he has on creation and heaven, which conflict with so much Christian truth.

Forgive me Lord, for being unwise in my choice of marriage partner, but I ask that in Your grace, You would draw by dear husband to trust in Jesus - soon Lord I pray - but Your will and timing be done, not mine. In Jesus' name I pray,