Help For Those Unequally Yoked Together

Loving Lord, I wanted to marry my husband so badly, even though I knew that he was not a believer, although I was. I guess my emotions took control of my decisions. But Lord, now that we are married, I long to be a good Christian wife and live the biblical way, in submission to my husband, but it is so hard when he is not a believer.

Lord, I believe You are far bigger than the mistakes that we make and You turn all things together for good to those that love You, and Lord I do love You. Please give my husband a measure of faith, and use my life to bring him to a real understanding of Salvation, and the grace of God, and what the death and resurrection of Jesus really means. Use me to bring my husband to Jesus, not only in what I say but in the way that I live. Lord, would You in Your grace, show me how I can live as a Christian wife when I do not have a believing husband.

Lord, I ask that You would bring him to faith in Christ. Give me the wisdom to know when to talk about Jesus and when to be silent. I would ask You to prevent me from saying too much about Jesus that may cause him to be irritated, but also to give me the wisdom and word to share Jesus when the time is right. Soften his heart I pray, so that he is receptive to the glorious gospel of grace, and bring us both into Your heavenly home one day. Lord, I don’t know how or when You will do this, but I am trusting my husband into Your hands.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,