Health Problems In An Overweight Friend

Dear Lord Jesus, I bring my dear friend to You, who has been such a good support throughout much of my Christian life, but Lord they have started to have some serious health problems that are related to obesity, and even find difficulty in walking and carrying out some of the simple, everyday tasks of life. I know that they would like to slim down, and indeed are trying, but as they get older and less mobile, the task of losing weight is becoming much harder for them.

I lift them up to You now, and ask that in Your grace You would minister to their need to lose weight. They know that their weight is not truly honouring to You, and so I pray that You would minister to their point of need, and if necessary give them a wake-up call to take more diligent care of their body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

You know that they have not only been a support to me in my Christian walk, but in the lives of many other people, but this excessive weight problem is putting serious limitations on their life and could result in them becoming immobile. In Your grace, minister into this need. I ask this in Jesus' name,