Guidance For The Vocations Of Our Whole Family

Dear Lord Jesus, I do thank You for the family into which You have been pleased to place me. I thank You for each member of my family, every one a precious life in Your sight, each one such a joy to me.

Father, it seems that every one of us needs Your guidance in one way or another as we seek the future paths that we need to follow. And Lord, I pray that You would use us and the God-given gifts and talents that You have graciously bestowed on each of us, in the future work of ministry, to which we are being called to do.

Lord, I pray that You would take each one of our lives and use us to Your praise and glory. Though our paths may for a time go our separate ways, I pray that we may remain one in You and in union with one another. May we individually and as a family, consecrate all we do to Your service and praise.

Thank You, Father, that no matter where You lead us we are all Your children and will all one day stand in Your presence, for our home is not here but in heaven. But until that time may we be used in Your service. In Jesus' name I pray,