Grace From Outside Pressures

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for the Christian Youth Groups in various towns and churches. I pray for every young member and each leader. Lord, I pray that You would work a mighty work in each of their lives and that You would be glorified in their ministries.

I pray that church youth groups may be a light in a dark place, refreshment in a hurting world, and a true witness to Your saving grace and loving-kindness.

Lord, there are so many young people that are lost, and others that would seek to ridicule and disrupt such Christian Youth Groups, but I pray that in Your grace and mercy, You would bring all those that are seeking the truth to find their way to their local youth ministry, so that they may hear the gospel of grace and be saved.

Give the leaders of such youth fellowhips the grace and wisdom to run their groups without compromise and prevent them from being influenced by the pressures of the world.  I also ask that You would protect these ministries from those that would seek to disrupt or harm them. May the name of Jesus be lifted up and may many be brought into Your kingdom, so that Your name may be glorified. In Jesus' name,