Forgiveness For Our Lack Of Understanding.

Lord, the Church has lost its way as it is seeking strategies to build denomination bridges and interfaith uniformity, at the expense of growing in true godly unity, and developing a Oneness in the Body of Christ, which reflects the unity between God Father and His beloved Son, the precious oneness You so desired in the Church, which is His body.

Forgive us Lord, for the lack of Christian unity and the lack of love we have towards our brothers and sisters in Christ. Forgive us that the visible church seems to have lost its witness to Christ and has compromised the truth of the gospel of grace for a social agenda to make the world into a kingdom of peace, without the Price of Peace at the helm.

Build up Your people O God, into a sanctified body, a fellowship of believers, a people set apart from the world to serve You in newness of life and living in gracious union one with the other. May we learn to pursue after all that leads to godliness and shed abroad in our hearts a the nature and character of love that only comes from You, so that we may become channels through whom the love of Christ flows to others in need.

Teach us to love each other as You loved us, and help us to grow in grace and in a godly unity, as directed by the Holy Spirit, unto our lives end. In Jesus' name we pray,