For Strength During An Unwelcome Divorce

Loving Father, my heart is heavy as I am having to face a divorce I never wanted and feel not only alone, but such a failure in my marriage.

Lord, when we made our marriage vows to each other, I never contemplated the thought of separation, and certainly not divorce. Lord, I was sure that You had brought us together and now my whole life seems to be shattered, and we are more like strangers than husband and wife.

Help me Lord. Give me the strength and the courage to face this sadness in my life. Keep me Lord from bitterness, and may I face the proceedings with calm dignity and not acrimony or hostility. There is much pain in my heart, Lord. I pray that You will keep me from nursing any wounds and that I would emerge from this ordeal closer to You.

Thank You, that You have promised to be with me through all the storms of life. Lead me in the path that You have planned for me, I pray. In Jesus' name,