For Pity And Grace On Today's Teenagers

Lord, we bring before you the teenagers of our nation and indeed the world, who are facing so many problems and difficulties in a world that has all but forsaken the living God and turned itself over to idols. The truth of scripture and accountability to our Creator and God has given way to teachings on relativity, and bitterness and hatred is the diet that is being promoted in every area of life.

Look down in pity on the teenagers of today who have so little light to guide them on the path of truth, so little biblical instruction and sound teaching, so few good role models to inspire them and so little hope in a world that is drowning in self-interest and sin.

I hardly know how to pray Lord, for there are so many that are being led down the path to destruction and an eternal separation from the One Who died on the cross to save them from sin and death and hell. Have mercy Lord, on this generation of teenagers. Have pity Lord, and send help to each one. In Jesus' name I pray,