For Help To Make Ends Meet

Dear Lord Jesus, I feel that I have got to the end of the road, as I have gone through all my savings and I am facing mounting debt. There is no one to turn to but You, but I know that You are the God of the impossible and I ask that You will take me by the hand and lead me through the dark days that I am facing.

Lord, You know the dire situation my family and I are in and I know that You have all the answers and You have all the provision as well. Bless me I pray with financial blessings that only You can provide. Open the heavens I pray and give us blessings from Your generous store-house, so that we may thrive and live to praise You.

You have always provided for my needs in the past, and I am coming to You today to ask for your help and blessing Lord. Bless us with Your bountiful supply, and ease the pain in my heart that I feel today.