For Correct Use Of Spiritual Gifts In The Church

Heavenly Father, I ask your forgiveness for those in the Body of Christ who have dishonoured Your name in any way, by an inappropriate use of the precious spiritual gifts that You have been gracious to bestow on each of Your children. Lord, I pray that I may not be critical of others, but I do ask that You would keep me from straying from the truth of Your Word. Give me a heart to lift up my brothers and sisters in prayer, so that together we seek to become more and more like Christ as we minister in our own God-given gifts, to Your praise and glory.

Give me I pray, a correct and godly wisdom and discernment so that I may determine what gifts are from You and which have been misused for selfish gain. Give me a grateful heart and a desire to give willingly and according to all that You desire for my life and witness. Help me to be an encouragement to other members of the body of Christ and may I be used to encourage others in whatever capacity You choose, physically, emotionally, socially or spiritually.

Increase my faith in You and give me a teachable spirit and the ability to always have an answer for the hope that is in me. Give me the opportunity to proclaim the good news of the gospel of grace, and a willingness to take up any baton that You choose to place in my path.

Lord, I pray that may I be the best that I can be, and ask You to endow me with whatever spiritual gifts You see fit. Lord, I pray You will keep me from envy, when I see a brother or sister functioning in their God-given spiritual gift or demonstrating the beautiful fruit of the Spirit in their lives, but rather may I live and walk humbly before You, all the days of my life, to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name,