Confessing To God My Irresponsible Behaviour

Dear God, I am in trouble as I have mounting debt and I know that much of this has been due to my irresponsible behaviour. I have wasted much of my money on selfish pleasures with little thought of the consequences that were to lie ahead. But my foolish and irresponsible behaviour has caught up with me.

Yes Lord, I do regret that I wasted so much money on such frivolous living, but it is more than that, I have come to see that my selfish way of living was such a sin against You. I was just pleasing myself and living a carnal and fleshly life, while pretending to be good Christian.

Lord, I desire to change my ways and live a life that is honouring to You. I know that my sins are forgiven, but I also know that the consequences of sin in my life do have repercussions in this world, and the serious debt problem that I am facing is the consequence of my irresponsible life-style.

Oh God, I come to You in brokenness of heart, and pray that in Your grace You will bring me through this barren time of my life. Please lift me up out of this miry clay into which I freely walked, and set my feet back on the rock of Ages, the Lord Jesus. Be gracious to me and show me the way to go. I ask in Jesus' name,