Concerns With Fellow Employees At Work

Dear God, I am in such a difficult position at work as I have a number of colleagues that are making my position there very difficult. They are trying to cause problems between my superiors and me, which is quite concerning, as I do not want to lose this job. Lord, I need this job to support my family.

Be with me Lord, as I go to work each day. Help me I pray to be a good witness for You, and not to become disheartened by the unkind way that a number of my work-mates have been treating me recently.

Lord, at times I dread going in to work, as the comments and attitude that they have towards me is quite cruel. I do pray that You would put a stop to this abuse I am receiving, but I also know that You are a God who can bring good out of evil and even change things overnight. I know also Lord, that You had to endure so much worse from those that despised You, and I pray that I may endure this difficult time at work, with the grace that only comes from You.

Thank You, Lord, for being there and listening. In Jesus' name I pray,