A Prayer to Prepare My Mind

 Dear Lord Jesus, I am about to face a challenge and quite a daunting one as I have been called to an important interview, for which I bless You, and thank You for hearing my prayer and enabling me to be given this opportunity.

You are the one that cares for all our needs and necessities and I pray that You will be with me as I begin to prepare myself, in body, soul and spirit for this meeting. I pray that with Your help I may be the best that I can be as I attend the interview.

Help me to prepare my mind for the questions that I am likely to be asked and also enable me to compose my heart so that I am resting in Your strength and not my own. Give me nights of good rest and sleep I pray, so that I am bright and alert for this meeting and also prepare the panel that will be interviewing me I pray, so that they will show understanding and fairness.

I know Lord that all things work together for good to those that love You and are fitting into Your purpose, and I pray that You will use this interview as an opportunity for me to draw closer to You as I depend on You in preparing myself for this life-changing challenge.

Thank You Lord for all Your goodness to me,