A Prayer For The Lonely

Lord Jesus, the world is full of lonely people who are weary and burdened.. alone and afflicted. Be gracious to each hurting soul I pray, and ask that many would find their comfort and succour in You.. Who came to earth to carry our burdens, heal our brokenness, and set us free from life’s’ bondage.. and have promised to give Your precious rest and perfect peace to all who look to You.
Fulfil Your many promises to those that are lonely and afflicted I pray. Set the lonely in families free as Your Word has decreed and lead the prisoners forth with singing!
And Lord, You have promised that even though mother, father and all our loved ones forsake us You will never ever leave us nor forsake us. Thank You for the many precious promises that are specially for those that are lonely.. and we pray that You would meet each one at their very point of need – this we ask in Jesus name,