A Prayer For Dealing With Despair

Dear Father God, the world is becoming so evil and cruel, and there are so many difficulties and dangers we are having to face.. and life is becoming so burdensome at times, that I find myself falling into despair - for fear of what is happening in the world today 

Please look down on me and my loved ones. Bless us and protect us I pray. Pour out Your unconditional love on us all.. and fill our hearts with Your perfect peace and amazing grace. 

Help me to hold on tightly to Your precious promises and help us all to be strong and very courageous. Thank You that You are the Lord  our God - Who goes before us and behind us and promises to be with us and to take away all our problems and heavy burdens. 

Thank You that You have promised to be with us always – even to the end of the age. Thank You that You have given us an assurance that You will NEVER ever leave us nor forsake us. Keep me I pray from falling into the trap of despair, for I know that there is nothing to be gained by it – but rather help us not to fear or be dismayed, but to trust You in all things – this I ask in Jesus name,