A Prayer Before Court

Lord, we come before You as we prepare ourselves as we go into court today, and thank You that You are with us every moment of the day and have promised to uphold us with Your righteous right hand. Help us to keep our eyes fixed on You and pray that true justice will be carried out, to Your praise and glory.

Lord, You know the reason for this court hearing and we pray that You will oversee the whole procedure, and ask that in Your grace that true justice may be carried out, with impartiality. Thank You for Your precious promise.. that before we even call out  -  You will answer and show great and mighty things, and we trust You Lord,  to undertake throughout this whole court procedure.

Thank You that Jesus is my heavenly Advocate and I trust that in this this matter we will soon be fully exonerated and  totally vindicated, and that there will be no slur on anyone's character or intentions.

Still our hearts and quiet our minds we pray as we prepare to enter the court-room. And we ask that Your perfect peace, which passes human comprehension will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord – and that in Your grace we may have clarity of thought, tranquility of minds,  wisdom in the answers we give, Your sufficient grace throughout the ordeal and an outcome that glorifies Your name – this we ask in Jesus name,