A New Christian’s Sad Prayer For Her Husband

Dear God, neither my husband nor I were saved when we were first married and things were pretty good between us. But now Father God, I have become born again and become a new Christian, a new creation in Christ, and it is causing strife between us.

It grieves me Father, that the love we once shared has become so sour, simply because I have started to trust in the Lord Jesus as my Saviour. My husband thinks I am soppy and is not interested in anything I say about Jesus, and is starting to get quite angry about it.

Please help me Lord. Help me to be strong and help me to grow in my faith and not to give up. Help me to somehow tell my husband of the good news of the gospel of grace. I want him to know that the Lord Christ died for his sins and took the punishment that he deserved, and that He rose again on the third day and broke the power of death in the lives of believers. The gospel is so wonderful and I just long that he comes to faith too.

Please Lord, I know that nothing is impossible for You to do, and I ask that you show my husband the truth. I pray that one day soon he will be saved, like me. I pray this in Jesus' name,