A Frustrated Teenagers Prayer For God’s Grace

Oh God, I know that You love me and have forgiven me and all that and I know in my heart that some of my outbursts are not good – but Lord I am so frustrated as no one seems to understand me or what I need.

Lord I do thank You that You do not hold anything against me and that all my sins have been forgiven in Your amazing sea of forgetfulness – but I guess I also know that my behaviour towards - well everyone… and the way that I allow my frustration to build up and explode is really wrong and not pleasing to You…

Lord I know that I need You in my life because I know that there is no one but You that can sort out this frustration.. that is really bugging, me because it is causing tension with my family and at college and with my friends as well..

Lord I need Your grace in me – right deep inside me. Show me Lord how I can be the sort of person I need to be and help me Lord to develop the right sort of relationship with the various people in my life. And also Lord, I ask that You would show me the right way to react when things start of get me down and I feel frustrated. Thank You that You really do care about me and thank You - for I know that in the power of Your holy Spirit I can become the person You would want me to be,