Prayer for Psalm 119:50

“This is my comfort in my affliction: Your promise has given me life.”

Heavenly Father, thank You the wonderful Word of God, and the great comfort we receive from its pages. Thank You for Jesus, the Word made flesh, and for the loving comfort and grace we receive daily, from knowing Him as our Saviour. Help me to use my time wisely, and delight to read, mark, learn, inwardly digests and meditate on the Scriptures, night and day - for it is light and life, comfort and joy, refreshment and sustenance, to all who are oppressed and weary. Thank You in Jesus name. AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Psalm 119:50

Prayer Of Comfort for the Grieving

Lord Jesus I know that You are close to those that are broken-hearted and grieving in their soul and that You rescue those that are crushed in spirit. Draw near to Your many children who are facing times of sadness and loss and draw each one ever closer into Your precious arms of love and support.

Thank You that You are wonderfully good to all who wait for You and seek You, and I pray that those of my brothers and sisters in Christ who, – for whatever reason – are facing times of grief and hardship in their lives - that in Your grace and mercy You would draw very close to each one and gently carry them on Your shoulders, as a Shepherd carries a little lamb that has been torn by the briars.

Be close to all that are grieving today I pray, and flood their souls with hope – knowing that underneath are Your everlasting arms.

Give me a heart that is sensitive to those that are grieving, the wisdom to know when to speak words of comfort or when to keep silent. And Lord I also pray that You would use my life to be a channel of encouragement and hope, through whom the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ will flow into their hearts – to heal and help.

Thank You Lord that You are a God that answers prayers. Amen
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