Prayer for Psalm 103:2

“My soul, praise the Lord, and do not forget all His benefits.”

Thanks For Blessings Received

Loving Father, how I praise and thank You for Your many and great blessings that You have showered over us all, despite our foolish rebelling and sinful pride. How great You are and what a gracious God that You should care for such as me.

Thank You, Father, for Your unconditional and everlasting love towards me. May I grow more and more to be like You, guide and teach me in all that I say and do, so that I may do all according to Your will.

I ask You to continue to pour our Your bountiful blessings and mercy on me and my whole family. I ask this in the name of the lovely Lord Jesus,


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New Blessings Every Morning

Precious Lord Jesus, how great You are and I just want to kneel before You today to say thank You. Thank You that Your blessings and mercies are new every morning. You are a great and wonderful God and I love You.

Thank You, that Your love and grace towards me is waiting for me as I open my eyes to a new day. Thank You, that at the end of the day Your love continues to support me, to guard and protect me during the dark hours of the night.

Thank You, that as I go about my daily business and the duties of the day, You are there to lead and guide to help and to support. And thank You that no matter where I go, Your blessings hover above my head, for my hope is in You.

Thank You for Your great many precious blessings, and thank You that You pour them out on me day by day. Great is Your faithfulness O God my Saviour. All I have needed You have provided. Bless Your holy name for ever and ever,


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Prayer For A Baby’s Chronic Illness

Father, we bow before You in reverence and fear, asking for Your healing touch on the life of this little child. We are concerned Lord, about this chronic illness and pray that in Your grace and mercy, this little baby might be quickly healed and speedily nursed back into full health and strength.
Comfort this little one and ease the suffering and discomfort that they are going through, and we pray that the distressing symptoms of this chronic sickness would soon be reduced and that the baby returns to normal health, in every part of their body.
Give the doctors the wisdom to treat this illness correctly and quickly. Strengthen and help the parents and all who are involved in the nursing care and give them all they may need to continue to look after such a sick child. May they be able to lay all of their worries and concerns down at Your feet, knowing that You are the God Who cares for little children and You are a God Who heals.
May Your peace that passes understanding guard the hearts of the parents in the days that lie ahead, and we will give You all the praise and all the glory. In Jesus' name,

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Thank You For More Blessings Than I Can Count

I thank Thee for blessings, more than I can count. Forgive my ingratitude. Strengthen my faith with a fuller revelation of Thyself.

Father God, I like to think of You as Jesus taught us to pray, saying “When ye pray, say, our Father”.

In Christ’s name, I pray,


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Praying through Psalm 103:2

Heavenly Father, how I bless and thank You for Your many benefits, Your never-ending grace, and unconditional love. May I sing of Your praise with my whole being, for You alone are worthy. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Psalm 103:2