Prayer for Ezekiel 37:17

“Then join them together into a single stick so that they become one in your hand.”

Praying through Ezekiel 37:17

Heavenly Father, You are a good and gracious God, Whose promises to Israel as well as to those in the Church, stand fast forever and ever. Thank You that Your faithful promises to all Your people, are rooted and grounded on Your faithfulness and long-suffering mercy, and do not rest on what we have done, or failed to do. I pray for Your people Israel, that many would come to recognise Jesus as Lord and their Messiah as Saviour, during this Church Age, and thank You that a day is coming when the dead bones of that nation will be resurrected into a United Kingdom of Israel, where Jesus reigns on David's throne, as Lord and King. Thank You that I am a member of Christ's body, and I pray that I would live and work for Your greater glory. This I ask in Jesus' name, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Ezekiel 37:17